This is a simple tale of a simple guy. I have a 42′ sailboat and I left Oregon in 2009. I am in Thailand now (2012) and leaving for Chagos and then Madagascar. Thence, South Africa.

My email has been changed from the ‘Contact Page’ on the website. It is now: powellpjc@gmail.com

Hope you enjoy.




  1. We are wondering where you are on this cold nite in October in Canada? Hopefully warm and safe preparing for the Cape?? We are about to hop in our “Heep” – i.e. Jeep and drive to the Baja to meet Angela. We will make many diversions along the way.
    JR and Eileen

  2. Great Blog Pete,

    Glad yer living the dream 🙂

  3. Hey Pete..Great Blog….

  4. Interesting blog…

  5. What an amazing adventure Peter. I enjoy your humour, especially in light of your challenges (mini-disasters?). We hope to follow in your wake in two years. Nothing so ambitious as yours; at least not for a while. Down the east coast, Caribbean for a few years, then who knows … south, west, home? Who knows…

    Anyway, thanks for the vicarious journey here. Keep it up!

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