Posted by: powellpjc | October 1, 2012

Slow she goes

Sunday 29, Sept. 2012
02 04′ N
093 53′ E
12 Days out now and not a hell of a lot of mileage. Beautiful weather, though, with smooth seas and very light winds (4 kts) but heading in right direction.
Sky ahead looks clear and overhead the same.
Flew the spinnaker for the first time alone yesterday. Bit of a Chinese fire drill but good practice and did not destroy it (yet).
No traffic except for more dolphins this morning.
It being Sunday, I’m having my big fry-up for brekkie. Corned beef, potatoes, onions and bit of fresh green chile. Pile a couple of poached eggs on top of that and you a little slice of heaven. As Ulic would say.
Tonight’s dinner already planned. Lamb chops with big chunks of fat on them. I bought them intentionally so as to use the fat to catch a boatload of tuna and mahi mahi. There is no question.
120 miles to go to the equator (will be 3rd crossing in la Rosa for me) where I hope to run into the trades that will drive me west at huge rates of speed. Better than 2.0 kts, anyway.
Indian Ocean, all well.



  1. Fair winds and fairer women. Those are my wishes for you Pedro. Smile. Be happy. You are living the “dream”.

  2. trust you are now drifting towards your destination with more purpose…and more wind.

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