Posted by: powellpjc | September 28, 2012

The Big Indian,Week 1.

03 13′ N, 94 45′ E
Thursday 27 September.
Leaving Thailand was a pleasure. Liked the food and never going back.
The waters are smooth heading south into the great Malacca Straits again, with all its shipping. The first few days were pleasant with light winds and fair skies. Saw a big herd of dolphins and a smaller herd of yellow fin tuna. Whatever the tuna were chasing caused them to launch into low orbit. About a dozen of them and I was sorely tempted to drop a line but I had too much store bought grub in the fridge. The big fat yellow fins can wait and I will come hunting.
I raised the western capes of Sumatra 3rd day out and the peaks are impressive. Like your Krakatoa, I guess.
Once south around the corner of Sumatra there were no more big ships, in fact no ships of any kind. Quite a relief.
But the weather took a turn and the last 3 days have been a meteo hand of misery.
Heavy winds (30kts + sustained), driving rain and not squalls. These babies go on for 6-7 hours. What they leave in their wake is no wind and a horrible lumpy sea. Can’t sail, can’t motor (the motherless waves stop you dead) so you sit there and take it on the chin. That pretty much sums up sailing. Taking it on the chin.
Today the skies cleared and I got some air into the cabin, dried some wet things and am back to living the life.
I’d like to get to the equator to pick up the trade winds and that is another 200 miles or so. Hope springs eternal.
Will try and post each week.
Thanks to Tony Watkins, Famous International Yachtsman, for posting this from the comfort of his man cave.
Tony and I sailed together across the Pacifico in 1978, in the ‘hard years’.
He is the proud owner of ‘Onawind’ racing out of the East Freemantle Yacht club where his formal blue blazer is sagging with medals.



  1. Pedro
    Continue your quest with a light heart and a heavy hand on the throttle! Lets hope the Trades find you before the pirates!

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