Posted by: powellpjc | February 25, 2012

Malaysia, baby. Simply Asia.

So, the sail down from Palawan, PI was difficult. The winds this time of year should be out of the north east. Instead they were from the south west (210 deg). Our destination was Kota Kinabalu (210 deg) so I expect you know what that means and also explains our zigging and zagging all the way down here. Took 7 days instead of maybe 3. Fine, we had enough grub and booze. It’s just the fairness of it all.


We caught no fish. We lost 4 lures to creatures of the deep. I’m thinking giant squid, no question.

We entered the KK harbour as any fishing boat would, which is not the way a sailboat should (I should know?). We were pushing into stiff headwind and zero zero squalls which made the bouyage system hard to figure out. At one point the depth metre read 5 feet. The bottom of my keel is 4 feet so we were close to hanging up. It was low and slow to wind our way through the shallows (I used a Google Earth photo to help see the shoals) and we made it without mishap. Could not raise the Sutera Yacht Club on the radio so we barged right in and tied up at the first slip we came to. Turns out they had their radio off, their phone off and no marina manager on duty. Good news for me.

The yacht club is the finest I’ve ever seen. Great docks, security, pools, quiet studies, big gym, free towels, cheap laundry service. Food is no hell but downtown is $4.00 away in cab and there it’s street Asian or restaurants of all description.

From the masthead, looking out of marina in KK towards South China Sea.

Some of the solar panels aboard. They don't work at night. Don't get it.

If you're going to be a sailor, you gots to be a mast climber. Two years before, behind and on top of the mast. With apologies to R H Dana.

I’ve arranged to get my sail repaired here although it is an upholstery shop, not a sail loft. My battery charger is on the blink (brand new, installed in August) so that job awaits. Maybe time for new house batteries, too. We’ll see.

Various sea creatures at the wet market. We seem to be unable to catch any of them. Buy 'em, I say.


Give Paulie enough food and of course he'll be happy. Still nothing like Ontario corn on the knob.


Give me enough chicken wings and my eyes glaze over.


This was our chicken winger. We bought a few of these multi-sticks. No pork to be found.


Main marina complex with pools, bowling alley, badminton stadium, olympic pool and other usual amenities.


Paulie in the rainforest cafe.


Just a couple of retired guys having a little fun. I can never pass up a water slide, although this one does not come close to the beauty in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. You could go down that one standing up and backwards if you liked. Colorado has different rules.


Probably another 7-10 days here to finish projects, then direct to Singapore I’m thinking. Could stop in Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia on the way.

Wait: I fixed battery charger yesterday. Problem was mine. In uncontrolled rage whilst digging out a garden hose (the unkinking kind that has about 35 kinks in it) I snagged the fuse holder for the charger. All is good now in charging world.

Got the sail off to the upholsterer yesterday. Going to look for new batteries today. I think mine are past due date.

Sailing is like fun, only different.


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