Posted by: powellpjc | April 15, 2011

Another True Paradise–Palau.

Some of the 300 islands of Palau

These islands known as the State of Palau are the most beautiful I’ve seen since Tahiti and her isles. The economy is a notch above the rest of the Caroline Islands, mostly due to a healthy tourist economy, better education and the helping hand of Uncle Sam.

Palau was part of the Trust Territory of the USA after WWII but split from the Federated States of Micronesia when the Trust was done away with a few decades ago. I can see why they wanted nothing to do with the rest of Micronesia. The Palauans are far ahead of their island neighbours. Quite a few visitors from Japan and divers from around the world. Apparently, Palau is one of the world check-off sites if you are a diver.

I’ve parked my boat close to a dive operation, known as Sam’s Tours. Spoke to Sam yesterday and his outfit did 350 tanks of air. There is a bigger dive operation on Guam, with the US military, but Sam’s has to be the biggest I’ve seen in the Pacific so far. I’ve joined the Royal Belau Yacht Club. First yacht club of my life. Liked the ‘Royal’ part of it.

Rented a car for the week. Went for a couple of scuba dives and got my mainsail fixed. I must say the highlight of the visit has been the helicopter tour I took last week. To see these islands from the air is to really appreciate their beauty and here are a few pics of Palau from the air.

My ride for the day. Ok, for the 20 minutes.

One of the channels into Palau. Narrow, coral-bordered and tricky when the tide/current is agin you.


Some snorkeleers sniffing through the coral.

The so-called 'Natural Arch'. After our scuba dive our boat captain roared through the notch at 25 mph. I had to duck my head, involuntarily.

A little island paradise.

They call this place the 'Milky Way'. Folks take the white mud and plaster it all over themselves. It's a spa deal. I don't understand it.

The mooring basin at Sam's Tours. Free moorings, shallow, clear water and a good typhoon hole. la Rosa is here somewhere.


I leave for the Philippines (Puerto Galera) in 2 days and that passage should take 8-10 days, insha’allah.



  1. keep them pics a coming

  2. The trip is amazing and so is your reporting. Am enjoying your blog on a dull November afternoon. Good writing. Keep it up

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