Posted by: powellpjc | March 10, 2010

Sluggers, sand and señoritas. Boxing night on the Beach.

The ring was set up on the main beach. Bleachers, food hawkers, big screen tv and a tiny announcer in some sort of tuxedo with a big, Las Vegas voice. In English it was, ‘Ladieeeeeees and Gentlemeeeeeeeeeen…’ and then the rest in the usual foreign language. Boxers from Peru, Argentina Bolivia and of course, Chile.

Slapping leather under the stars.

It was amateur boxing–and one is in a state of constant wonder when it comes to the scoring–but the crowd was excited, the boxing was good and the girls were out between rounds and between fights.

And the crowd goes wild.

 You have to love the South American approach to visual entertainment.
A few other pics from the city at night.

The marionettas are out.

The cafes get busy after 10 pm.

Outdoor concert at the opera house in the main city square. One need not worry about rainouts in this city.

Street busking, Iquique style.

As the sun sets slowly in the west...


Stealing tv signals. Outer space to my cockpit. I was able to watch parts of the Super Bowl and almost all of the Canada-USA hockey game. I set off my air horn with each Canada goal. I have suffered enough over the years listening to car horns blasting with soccer scores.

Another Friday night in Iquique.


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