Posted by: powellpjc | March 2, 2010

The Big Fishkilloff.


I awoke to the sound of sea lions smacking their lips. Dozens of them surrounded my boat, thrashing and grunting as only a fat, feeding sea lion can.

Burping and farting they were.

Pelicans, gulls of all types were also feeding. What gives?
Millions of little fishes were in trouble. Large schools of them were near the surface of the harbour and they looked to be struggling for air.

Millions of them.

Not that I am no fishologist. Soon came some cameras and officials–biologists I was told. The water in the port was murkier that normal but the consensus seemed to be some sort of pollution had caused the stress to the fishes. Something released from a large ship or the fish meal plant down the quay. The birds and sea lions feasted for 3 days.

They started lining up for the chow.

In any lineup some goof has to be different.

Easy pickin's for pelicans.

Some guys had to work a bit harder.

Fish takeaway meal.

Whatever it was has now moved up the food chain and I ain’t eatin’ no sea lions soon.

Next: Boxing on the beach.



  1. I was beginning to think the federalies finally asked for too much cash. Glad to have you back blogging.

  2. I too wondered what had happened to you… Good to know you’re safe and enjoying life.

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