Posted by: powellpjc | November 25, 2009

Photos of life here in the Port of Iquique, Chile.

A few pics of my neighbours here in the harbour of Iquique and a few bonus pics that I forgot to post earlier–from Peru and Ecuador.

La Rosa safe and sound in the placid waters of Iquique port.

Some of my near neighbours. Fisher folk.

Sea lions and seals or 'lobos del mar'. Also fisher folk.

This guy is also fishing. Patience, patience.

The customs house. Now a museum.

A harbour cruise ship slips on by.

Water taxi--one human horsepower.

Sardines/anchovies? Everything but lobster is available.

These guys were almost too greedy. Their boat was so full of sea creatures that they barely kept their gunnels above water. Luckily, there is no bad weather here. Ever.

The pelican on the hunt. 'A face only a mother could love' to quote Richard Christie and my mother.


Siting a likely fish, the pelican turns from an improbable flying machine into an ungainly diving killer.

The double chin comes in handy for those uncooperative fishes.

The navy, or Armada, is important here and they take themselves seriously. They don't stand at attention every day, though, and especially not for me.

There is not much green here but what there is is pretty.

This could be a lemon tree for all I know.


Montichristi, Ecuador. This is where one goes when one wants to buy a Panama Hat of the highest quality. I did and I bought three.

A tuna boat in Manta, Ecuador. A serious tuna boat and there were 30 more tied up waiting for the season to open.

Lookout towers. These guys mean business.

My Ecuadorian shipping agency boys. They drank a lot. So did I.

And here is the recipe.

Besides drinking, we danced.

In detention in Peru. These guys happily drank my booze as their bosses were adding up my fines. And yes, I did try to buy the gun. A lovely .50 Cal, and no, they wouldn't sell it to me.

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