Posted by: powellpjc | July 21, 2009

San Diego to Cabo San Lucas. Mo’ betta. Way mo’ betta.

Toulouse joined me in San Diego 2 days before departure. I sent out an email telling my big-talking friends it was time to pony up. I called them chicken-shits. Toulouse couldn’t stand it and signed up. It was great to have him along.
We let go the police dock in San Diego at 05:00 July 11th and motored south for 6 hours, keeping the eyes sharp for submarines and other shows of force from the USNavy. The wind came up from the north and was a perfect companion for 6 days. A quartering wind under 15 knots made for a ‘Cupcake Carnival Cruise’ and we had a ball. Toulouse shared the watch-keeping duties and we slept well with the AIS system pointing out the big ship traffic. We crossed the main N-S shipping lane a couple of times and you can see from the display that there was a lot of traffic.


I fished. I’m not a fisherman but fresh food is a luxury I didn’t want to miss. I used a hand line trailed 50 metres behind the boat with my delicious tuna killer and BANG, we hit a lovely yellowfin tuna off of Ensenada, MX.

He provided us four beauty steaks and two dinner meals. I sautéed those babies and with some new spudaters and chopped carrots we dined like kings.

Next day the deep sea rod I had set zinged out and I pulled in a 3 foot Mahi-mahi. Up to the boat that is, whereupon the knot I’d tied let go and fish, lure and most of my pride disappeared. I am practicing my knots.

We saw 20 pilot whales slide next to the boat. Dolphins were scarce but pleasing to see. The wake began fluorescing with the sea creatures and every night it was 30C. This passage was pure delight after the opening gambit from Portland. This sailing I remembered and it was glorious.

The wind gave out the last day and a half and we motored on and off. Mostly on into Cabo San Lucas, the southermost tip of the Baja Peninsula of Mexico.

We fueled up and tied up at the Marina Cabo San Lucas. Very pricey at $145/night but I’m staying only 3 nights. Full water tanks, fuel tanks and fresh vittles and I’m off to Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday, July 22nd.

The immigration folk were pleasant enough but disappointed me by shaking me down for $40 when I was almost done the paperwork.

The port Captain was more professional and helped me understand the Mexican ways and means.

The folk here in Cabo cater to the tourist, mostly Americanos and they are very friendly and non-badgering. Helpful and kind, like people the world over.

I expect to travel from here alone, perhaps all the way to Costa Rica and I know I can handle the boat alright. It’s the company that I will miss if none of my chickenshit friends are not able to make it.

Nothing broke on this passage.

Way mo’ betta.

I am having trouble posting pictures with my new computer. Will try later.



  1. Great to hear you and T had a god sail. Sounding like you have all of the kinks worked out. Pick your self up some Don Julio anejo and have a shot or two. The 1942 is the best tequila on the planet. See you in August.

  2. Hi Pedro, happy to hear life is sailing along nicely for you & the Rosa is co-operating. Nice you had some company along the way,both human & sea creatures.Love to see pics of the whales!! Hopefully RW can join you at some point. Enjoy reading your blog and looking at photos. Look forward to seeing you in Aug. Keep safe, Pambelina

  3. Ok ,ok so you demand my mea culpa — yes chickenshit it is especially after reading your extravagant fiasco ride from Portland. I can admit to having so many excuses that your buddie Sigmund freud would have a field day . So way mo betta sounds like you are getting close to sniffing Palm trees –if & when that momentous event occurs i suspect a host of chickenshits will descend upon you to harass you mercilessly. OK ENUF so RELAXXXXXXX, Z

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