Posted by: powellpjc | June 15, 2009

Into the Mystic.

‘A man who is not afraid of the sea will soon be drownded,’ he said, ‘for he will be going out on a day he shouldn’t. But we do be afraid of the sea, and we do only be drownded now and again.’

J. M. Synge 

 Got all the booze. Got the soups, the beans, the breads, the oranges the lemons and the limes. Oh, and one purple cabbage. Tony Watkins always favoured the purple cabbage for its freshness. Just peel off a leaf a day and he is right.

Packed shit away all day today. My cousin Pete showed up on Friday and helped do the manly tasks of bringing la Rosa up to a semblance of sea-going state. We had a couple of last suppers and lots of laughs.

I’m away tomorrow. Not at the break of dawn because I have to return my rental car in the morning, stow some more shit and sit around  wondering what I’ve forgotten.

I could make the coast in one long day from here in Portland but it doesn’t make sense. I have to check in with the customs/border patrol/weirdly paraniodal boys at the coastal town of Astoria and their office closes at 4 p.m. so I will go as far as St. Helens tomorrow, tie up at the municipal dock for the night and continue on to Astoria on Tuesday. Fuel up there and maybe buy a jug of fresh milk. Couple of handfuls of Gravol and I should be ready to go Wednesday morning.

Need to hit the tide right to reduce the ugliness of crossing the Columbia River bar and that means leaving at 3 a.m.

Gots to go sometime.

I have the mainsail rigged with a double reef in it and I will unfurl ½ of the jib as well when I head out into the chuck across the bar under motor. If anything should happen to the motor train during that dicey time I will at least have the sail up when I have my heart attack.

I don’t have my Single Side Band modem hooked up yet so I won’t be able to update this blog during the passage to San Diego. I expect it to take 2 weeks but I have never really sailed this boat before and there are a lot of new things aboard besides me. It might take 3 weeks or 10 days. One needs wind (and not too dang much of it).

I may be able to post from Astoria on the Pacific coast and will try.

Let you know how the river running went.



  1. Pedro,you are a conscientious man,when you throw rocks at seabirds leave no tern unstoned.(apologies Ogden)
    Enjoy those trade wind “cotton balls”

  2. Hey Cousin Pete – glad to hear P.Tritchie could be of help. Have a great journey – if you need to get off the water around Cabo San Lucas and rest a spell send me an email – we have a place there. I’m going to give you a feature on my website for oldies – Old Guy goes Sailing…or something like that…Angela

  3. And your off! Best of wishes, wind and luck… love your old ditch buddies Marti & Brian. ~Kiss the south jetty sea lions bye bye for us~

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