Posted by: powellpjc | June 12, 2009

The Laying in of Stores

Why does everyone feel obliged to fly a pirate flag? I mean everyone.

Don't look like Somalis to me.

Don't look like Somalis to me.

Here is la Rosa with one reef in the mainsail. Not going anywhere at the dock, but looking good.

The mainsail with a single reef.

The mainsail with a single reef.


With time running short I realized I’d better ship some goodies for the voyage. I have a microwave but it only runs on AC so it will be a storage device for the indefinite future. Most of the world runs on 220V/60 hertz power but we here in North America use110/50 hertz so the vacuum cleaner, the power saws, the microwave—forget it. I can do quite well though with my propane stove (3-burner) with oven, my battery-operated refrigerator and my rail-mounted BBQ (still in the box). I have 2, 20-lb tanks of propane and they will last me months.

So, what to buy for grub?

Cruising sailors of the USA and UK call this provisioning. I call it going to the grocery store. I started with fluids. This is what I mean by fluids.

Trade goods or emergency rations?

Trade goods or emergency rations?


That may look like a lot of booze for one guy. That is the point. I can envision many hardships out in the chuck but going dry is one I cannot fathom. Our canoe club (the North Channel Canoe Club) had the motto: ‘More than enough is sufficient.’ This served us well for years in northern Ontario. So, more than enough it is. I will be too sick for the first few days to make a dent in anything except my bunk.


Then I remembered how miserable our life was 30 years ago when we ran out of fresh bread. Thus, I buy a six pack of Pillsbury-type butter biscuits. I’ve practiced. They are very good.


Sailing alone does not leave a lot of time for food prep. That’s where this shit comes in.

Stroganoff/Jamaican/Curry. It's all the same.

Stroganoff/Jamaican/Curry. It's all the same.


I’ve eaten it for years—the climbing years. My pal, Paul Mahony and I called them the ‘Hard Years’ because the climbing (that we did) was cupcake but the food was tough to choke down. I have purchased maybe 10 meals of these various ‘curries’ and ‘Jamaican chickens’. I know the pictures on the package are great. The anticipation is mouth-watering. The resulting taste is the same—never mind Indian, Jamaican or Texan.  There is, I’m sure, a chemical explanation for that.

Lots of chips, nuts, candy, coffee, tea. A couple of cases of bottled water and a lot of cans. Stew, tuna, salmon, soup. No fuss no muss.

Can't have enough of this.

Can't have enough of this.

I have forgotten some things but you can be sure I will leave San Diego with a good supply of whatever it is.

Just have to get to San Diego.

I expect a two week sail from Portland to San Diego if all goes well. I’ll motor if there is no wind. I have no pride in that regard.



  1. Remember the cabbage & anchovies !

  2. I hope the photo is only a small sample of the fluid supplies! Bon Voyage.

  3. Soul upon the ocean, sailor on the sea. Don’t forget the suntan lotion and may Poseidon favour thee. Attaboy Pete.
    – Bev

  4. Hey buddy hope al is going well…good luck. Lemme know how you make out.

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