Posted by: powellpjc | May 2, 2009

Honkers fight it out

A quiet Sunday afternoon on the water. I was sweating like a canal horse working on my boat and noticed a family out for a Sunday cruise. Husband, wife and 4 kids. Maybe they were checking out neighborhoods, looking to move up in the world. They came by the back of my boat and I took this picture.

The Sunday cruisers.

The Sunday cruisers.

I went back to my task and forgot about the geese until I heard horror movie noises. How can a goose can make such a noise? I bumped my head looking up. It was a beak-fight and I had a ringside seat.

Beaking it out.

Beaking it out.

A bachelor (or maybe a protective mother—how do you tell?) didn’t like the idea of the visiting family cruising for a new home. Feathers did fly. I didn’t know geese could submerge themselves for any length of time but these 3 adults did depending on their state of anger or fear.

The goslings kept together and didn’t seem too alarmed.

The adults circled one another with all manner of neck postures, trying to look intimidating I guess. I wasn’t afraid.



It must be hard to fight the righteous fight when all you have is a foolish beak.

An otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon.


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