Posted by: powellpjc | March 1, 2009

Pulled the Trigger


This is it.

This is it.



I have a bad habit of buying the first thing I see. House, car, motorcycle and now boat. After two inspections of the boat with the broker I submitted an offer. I felt guilty about it not seeing more boats so I went and looked at two others across the river in another part of Portland. That was a good move. The first boat was still the best and I’ve always wanted a steel boat. I’ve had 8 months to think about what I want anyway. I’ve certainly put 100 times more effort into this purchase than any other purchase in my life. Why is that?

The offer was accepted (thanks Boog) and now we go to the survey stage.

The boat is a Bob Perry designed Passport 40-Custom. The ‘custom’ means it was lengthened 1.5 feet to 41.5’ and constructed of steel. A boatyard here in Portland built it in 1988. The steel is rolled steel, no hard chines and is fully insulated. This boat is cooler in the tropics than fiberglass. It is a sloop rig with deck-stepped mast and double spreader rig. Radar, chart plotter, watermaker. Gas hot water shower. Manual pump out toilet.

The twin-spreader rig looks bomber to my uneducated eye; the hull is bomber and the engine is strong. A 4-banger, 40 horse Yanmar with 1000 hours. These engines should go to 6000. It has a well-insulated top-loading fridge that makes ice. The stove is 4 burner propane with oven and broiler. I’ve never broiled anything in my life but I have tried to bake bread.

I called a number of surveyors here and lined up Skeeter. He is not a water spider. He’ll do his work two days from now. We’ll haul the boat out of the water and he will examine the outside underbody—rudder, hull, prop, propshaft, zincs and who knows what else. Then he will go through the inside and the systems. I will be all around him like a bad suit. The survey allows me to back out of the deal if the boat is not as advertised. I hope it is.

If there are no unexpecteds I will had over the money and the boat will be mine.

There is a quiet little river marina I can keep it at I will move aboard as soon as possible.

The weather here in Portland is cool and wet, as you would expect on the west coast in winter but living aboard will work just fine. The boat has a diesel heater inside, a gas hot water shower, a TV and hot/cold running water. Oh, and a toilet. I lived on our first boat, the ‘Idiot Wind’ for 6 months in the Vancouver winter so I will survive.

It will be nonstop work for me doing the things the boat needs, which include: new roller-furling gear for the headsail; steps installed on the mast; new seat cushions and mattresses; new canvas for the bimini and other things I haven’t yet thought of. I will do what I can and a nearby yard will do the rest. Can’t wait.

If all goes well, and it won’t, I should be out of here in 2 months, heading for San Diego and then south.

Boat needs a new name.

It will take me around the world.





  1. boat definitely needs a new name. congratulations.

  2. Is the boat called La Rosa?
    Seems right to start on the Ribba.
    March 3, 2009

  3. Brother…congrats on your Captainship. Not to be a prick or anything, but was not your offer “accepted” as opposed to “excepted” LOL! I think you should call her Tolstoy’s Muffin…

  4. Hey Pete, she’s a beaut! Congrats. Will keep tabs on your voyage. Calm seas and smooth sails!

  5. Pete, she looks like a great boat. Has there been any progress? Are you now the new owner and are we having a naming contract? You know for $5 you can call it the Big Willy! Senor “Che” willy

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